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Tuatara Landscapes Lifestyle Block Services Bay of Islands

Lifestyle Blocks Services

Caring for Property all year round

Properties today can be demanding and this is where Tuatara Landscapes is here to help. We can take care of your property through the changing seasons to ensure it looks its absolute best all year round. Our talented Northland team can provide maintenance tailored to your requirements.

Our Lifestyle Block Services:

  • Full range of lifestyle services:   

  • Pasture control through;

    • Spraying,

    • Fertilising,

    • Contract Mowing


  • Specialised farm fencing.


  • Tractor cultivation, rotor hoeing.       


  • Site Clearing                                                      

Lifestyle Block Landscaping Services Design
Tuatara Lnadscapes Lifestyle Block Services Kerikeri

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Repair & Maintenance Services

It is a necessity to have ongoing maintenance in order to keep your property looking at its best all year long. Our dedicated Northland team has years of experience repairing and enhancing lifestyle block properties all year round throughout the Far North.

Tuatara Landscape Maintenace, Lifestyle Block Landscape Maintenance,

Lifestyle Block Maintenance

Our professional team can provide a range of small to large maintenance services all year round so your property always looks its best. We can provide ongoing maintenance weekly, monthly, or seasonally all year round. 

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Grass maintenance 

  • Irrigation system repairs 

  • Fence maintenance

  • Pasture development

  • Garden maintenance 

  • Waterblasting

 Tuatara Landscapes Lifestyle Block Services Far North

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