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Grass Turf

Your Turf Experts

We have a range of grass installation options and various grass types to choose from. Our experienced team of turf experts can help advise you on which grass type and installation option will work best for you, your location and situation.

Our dedicated trained Far North team can help with the whole process from selecting and supplying the grass type, to installation and ongoing maintenance.


Having your grass area hydroseeded provides seeds with the best opportunity for growth, growing your grass area much quicker than traditional seeding methods.

Hydroseeding is a spray made up of water, seed, fertiliser and mulch which is sprayed onto the ground through a high-pressure hose. The mulch provides the perfect environment for seeds to germinate and grow lush dense grass. It also helps bond the grass seed to the solid to avoid erosion by wind and rain and offers protection from birds. While the fertiliser helps boost seed germination.

Hydroseeding is applied and grows quicker than instant lawn. It is also less likely to dry out as it offers more moisture to the seeds.

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Instant Lawn

  • Immediate – The Turf is laid in just a few hours, and ready to walk on as soon as it’s installed.                                                                             

  • Turf can be installed in tight difficult areas where machinery can’t access.                                                

  • Can be cut to size to fit your exact requirements.                                                       

  • Summer installation equals grass with less irrigation, saving water, money, and time.                                                            

  • Winter installation gives instant cover removing the inconvenience of mud.

DIY Turf Installation Guide

Download our free turf installation guide to learn how to install your grass turf.

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Maintenance services

Ongoing maintenance is necessary to keep grass areas healthy leaving a long-lasting positive impression.  Our team of grass experts has experience maintaining a range of grass types on various commercial and residential properties throughout Northland.

Turf Installation and Maintenace, Grass Turf Advice


A healthy grass area needs regular care to stay maintained. Our experienced team offers different fertilising packages that best suit your location, property, and needs, delivering long-lasting results.

Lifestyle Block Grass Turf, Turf Northland

Wetting agents

We use wetting agents to increase the flow of water throughout the soil to enhance our grass, resulting in nice thick grassy areas. This ultimately reduces water run-off and improves water peculation while irrigating.

Turf Maintenance Services, Tuatara Landscapes Grass Turf

Selective spraying

Our trained team uses an herbicide formulated to control specific weeds on properties big or small.

Grass Turf Kerikeri, Lawn Installation Tuatara Landscapes


Our team uses overseeding to help fill in the damaged or weak areas of the grass. It is also a great way to grow new grass species that require less water and less fertiliser and also resist insects and disease pressures. It is an easy way to enhance your grass colour and to improve density. We recommended overseeding once a year, contact us to discuss the ideal timing depending on your preferred species.

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A great way to add more organic matter to your grass area is by ‘topdressing’. Topdressing will rejuvenate tired grass from a lack of nutrients and will also improve the condition of your soil. Following a new build, we typically come across heavily compacted soils and this will help improve the soil structure and ultimately improve your lawn.


Our topdressing services will help reduce water usage and increase your turf's ability to fight disease. Furthermore, it will also improve your fertiliser program.

Tuatara Landscapes Grass Turf Northland, Turf Maintenance Services

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