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Tuatara Landscape Services, Tuatara Landscapes Irrigation

Irrigation Services

Irrigation is the key element to creating and maintaining a lush landscape. We have a range of industry solutions and a strong understanding of Northland's landscape environment to fix every problem.

Our Kerikeri team has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to developing and installing a robust irrigation system for both commercial and residential properties. 


Customised Systems that work for you

Landscape Irrigation Far North, Irrigation customized Design

Irrigation Design

Our team work closely with industry leaders to design an irrigation system that is customised to your landscape, location, and needs. Having a customised system will save time, stress and enhance your property and its value.

First, our team will visit your property to evaluate the space and decide on the best system for you and your outdoor area. We will then develop a design, explain it, and

install it for you.

Irrigation Services Northland, Tuatara Landscape Irrigation Installation

Irrigation Installation

Having an automated irrigation system will provide your plants and grass with the right amount of water needed, keeping your landscape lush while saving water

all year long. 


Our professional team will install your customised system, by hiding the piping underground. Sprinklers will be placed strategically to water your plants and grass at the right time and in the right quantity. 

After installing your new irrigation system,

we will demonstrate to you how the

system works. 

Landscape Irrigation System, Residential Irrigation Services

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Repair & Maintenance Services

To maintain a healthy landscape, it is necessary to have ongoing maintenance to produce a lasting impression. Our team of experts has experience repairing and enhancing a range of irrigation systems on commercial and residential properties throughout the Far North.

Lifestyle Block Landscape Irrigation, Commercial Landscape Irrigation Services

Irrigation Maintenance

Our professional Far North team will inspect your existing system to check whether it is working efficiently or not, e.g underwatering, overwatering, or leaking. We will then repair or suggest enhancing your current system to be better suited to your property.

Our Repair Services include:

  • Repair and maintenance of sprinkler controller

  • Detection of any leaks and their repair

  • System pressure testing

  • Inspection and diagnosis of sprinkler system

  • Maintenance or replacement of valves

  • All the sprinkler system repairs

Landscape Irrigation Repairs and Maintenace

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